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Tour Gift Voucher

The Best Present Ever!

This present is fun, unique and promises to bring a smile to the face of anyone lucky enough to be given a Viking Splash Tours Gift Voucher!

A tour of Dublin by land and water with Vikings, sure go on, give them something different this year! Buy online and we’ll send you on a digital gift card! Roaring at the top of your lungs, the wind in your hair and pillage on your mind, there is no better gift in the world!

NOTE: Vouchers bought on the 20% discount offer must be redeemed by phone on +353 1707 6000, or via email at

€10.40 Child (20% Discount) €20.00 Adult (20% Discount) €50.00 €50 €72.00 Family (2 Adults 2 Children) €100.00 €100 €150.00 €150 €200.00 €200 €250.00 €250 €500.00 €500